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LeGallais Memorial                                                       Nulli Secundus

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About Us

  Our School

Our school, LeGallais Memorial, is part of the Western School District which has 27 schools with a total of 5367 students and 403 teachers.  The school currently has an enrolment of 78 students and offers Grades K - 9.  The teaching instruction include a multi-grade /multi-age. 

Our Staff and Classes

Our school has a total of 8 full-time and 3 part-time educational staff which includes 7 classroom teachers and  4 special services personnel.  We have a Resource Teacher (0.60), a part-time guidance counselor (0.25), as well as the support of a part-time Challenging Needs teacher (0.50).  In addition to staff based at the school, we have access to District office staff including: various program specialists, an educational psychologist, an itinerant for the visually impaired (based half-time at our school) and an itinerant for the hearing impaired.  The school also has the services of a secretary, one full-time caretaker, and 2 SA, and one full-time Board maintenance personnel.

Class Size

A "Class" refers to an instructional group which meets regularly for academic instruction.

Total Number of Students Enrolled in a class at LeGallais 2007- 2008
Grade Number of Students
  Students for each grade Total in Classroom
Kindergarten & Grade 1 12 & 6  (18)
Grade 2 & Grade 3 9 & 8 (17)
Grade 4 (7)
Grade 5 & Grade 6 8 & 7 (15)
Grade 7 & Grade 8 7 & 7 (14)
Grade 9 7 (7)

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