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LeGallais Memorial                                                       Nulli Secundus

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Welcome Alumni and Friends!

As a graduate (also known as an alumnus) of LeGallais Memorial you have many reasons to be proud.  You are among a large number of alumni who have achieved personal and professional success thanks to your education in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

The purpose of this Alumni page is for Graduates from LeGallais Memorial to keep in touch with each other and staff members.



If you wish to become a member of Legallais Memorial Alumni just send you full name, the year completed your studies at LeGallais Memorial and your current email address so other Alumni can get in touch.  To join the Alumni just send you information to the following email lgm.iam@wnlsd.ca



   Click on Alumnus Name To Get In Touch

Name Year E-Mail Address:
Brendon S. E. Billard 2007-2008 bmanrocks_67@msn.com
JR Coley 2007-2008 jrcoley1993@hotmail.com
Susan R. Edmunds 2007-2008 susanrebecca.xo@hotmail.com
Scott Francis 2007-2008 scottfrancis_02@hotmail.com
Jordan L. Harvey 2007-2008 jlh45@live.com
Sid J. Ransome 2007-2008 ransome_15@hotmail.com
Kirk N. Wells 2007-2008 kirkwells_nf@hotmail.com


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